Children learn to love science, technology, engineering, art, and math in our fun, project-based classes.

Why bring STEAM into this classroom? Because it creates problem solvers! STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEAM skills allow students to identify problems and use a logical approach to find a solution. STEAM is more than content; it’s a way of thinking and doing.

All twenty lessons in this course are designed to promote the idea of independent problem solvers. Students will briefly review a topic from potential and kinetic energy to folklore and more, at the completion of each topic, they will then be presented with a challenge to complete. Using the design cycle, students are encouraged to research a topic, make a plan to complete the challenge, engineer a device or create a presentation that meets the challenge, examine their work in order to make improvements and share their ideas.

Each STEAM:IT Challenge topic also includes a 3D printing lesson that reinforces the topic. Each lesson is in a presentation format with step by step directions to help students create a 3D project. An easy to follow Teacher’s Guide helps teachers coach students as they explore what it means to become problem solvers. Both the lesson presentations and the challenges are created to help students examine what is happening in the world around them while meeting state standards for education.