Financial Literacy

The world of money is more complicated than ever. How we deal with it affects how we live now as well as our own—and our kids’—future. Families face many, many challenging questions. These include both everyday issues and big, life-changing choices. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. How do we make ends meet? What do we spend or save? How do we use—or not use—credit? How will we pay for health care? Housing? College? Retirement? These ideas for families to teach kids money management focus on helping you think through your family’s money habits and values, and how these grow in and through your relationships. In the process, you can develop the confidence, skills, and supports you need to dig in to the more complicated financial issues and systems you face.

When young people understand how to manage money, they are equipped with a skill that is key to making their dreams a reality — and bringing reality to their dreams. To help youth achieve financial literacy Do Good 4-1 has partnered with local financial institutions to provide in house workshop to youth.